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Johansson Remote Management Proflex

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Merke Johansson
Modellbetegnelse 5951 REMOTE MANAGEMENT UNIT
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kr. 8 200,-


The Remote Management Unit (RMU) enables you to remotely configure and monitor a specific headend installation. This drastically reduces on-site maintenance, saving you time and money.

The RMU is a very smart and powerful solution that connects with uCloud, a server hosted by UnitronGroup. The UUI tool that runs on this server enables you to connect to any of your installations with any PC or Internet-connected device.
The RMU has the following specifications:

x Rack-mountable module
x very simple installation (plug-and-play)
x no network knowledge needed
x Very cost-efficient solution for remote monitoring and alarming

With the UUI tool, you can do the following:

x free application to manage and configure all your installations remotely
x monitoring of modules
x alarming
x Google Maps overview of all your installations
x one button-connect to any installation
x add pictures and comments regarding the installation
x safe remote access with certificates and password authentication
x solve problems from wherever you are, no need to go on-site for headend reconfiguration