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Johansson DSCR Multiswitch 2 outputs

Johansson / Multiswitch og OLT / OLT Multiswitch
Merke Johansson
Modellbetegnelse 9734 DSCR MULTISWITCH 2 OUTPUTS
Tilgjengelige   Lagervare

kr. 1 195,-


4 satellite inputs, 4 satellite trunk outputs, passive terrestrial diplexer, 2 outputs with each 16 User Bands

4 satellite ?inputs for 1 universal LNB or 2 wideband LNBs (switchable)
2 dSCR outputs
up to 16 UBs per SCR output
improved satellite trunk loss: Typically 1 dB
auto detection for SCR and Legacy Mode
possibility to convert wideband inputs into Legacy outputs
support all SCR Standards
compatible with all Legacy STBs
passive terrestrial/cable diplexer
low power Sleep Mode
ultra compact housing
trunk output for cascading multiple products